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Скребок 7-Star

Скребок 7-Star

Longwood 7-Star Scrapers are 10% to 15% stiffer and give up to double the life of our 5-Star Scraper.

They are specifically designed for these applications: processing heave and extra heavy hogs…during

the “hard hair” season…where dehairing machines are overloaded…in plants that do not grade hogs.

Скребок 7-StarСкребок 7-Star

Improved materials are used in building of 7-Star Scrapers to provide these important advantages:

· Extra stiffness for long life

· Extra stiffness for long life

· Low replacement costs

· Reduced maintenance and downtime

· No backers required – Cuts installation time

· Heavy hogs and overloaded machines – no problem

· Superior cleaning during “hard h air” season

· Fast, easy cleanup